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Mentoring for the INTUITIVE MOM Package

This package is specifically designed for the intuitive mama who's looking to be guided, stretched, and lovingly supported.

You don't want someone giving you the answers. 

You don't want someone filling in the blanks for you. 

You know you can do (most) of it yourself. In fact, it excites you to come to your own conclusions and arrive at your own insights.

You just want a gentle push to stretch your skills. You're looking for prompts and nudges, maybe even a tiny bit of validation.

I'm here to provide you with a different perspective and a new way to tune in according to YOUR soul's magic. You won't need to follow anyone else's modality or rules. This is your soul's knowledge speaking directly to you. I'm just here to help you unlock that power. 


5 75 minute sessions
Email support in between (5 email check ins total)

~ Expires 6 months from the date of purchase

~ Non-refundable

~ Non-transferable

MOMS/FAMILIES - 5 Session Package

5 45 minute general healing sessions

MOMS/FAMILIES - General Healing 3 Session Package

3 45-60 minute healing sessions expires 120 days from purchase.

Special Offer Package

5 45 minute sessions. Expires 6 months from the date of purchase.

Autism PANS PANDAS and Special Needs Families

Autism Family Package - 5 Pack

per month for 2 months ($888.00 total)
5 (FIVE) 60 minute energy healing sessions for autism, PANS, PANDAS, and special needs families.

Expires 6 months from purchase date.
No refunds.

Energetic Business Alignment

6 Week Transformational Business Healing Package

6 45 minute sessions.

Sessions will be scheduled 1 per week over the course of 6 weeks.

Life & Business Monthly Coaching Subscription

per month